Friday, November 29, 2013

Release of Whole Language Workbench - Kepler SR1 Edition

Today, we are pleased to announce that the new milestone release of the Whole Language Workbench is publicly available.

The Eclipse IDE 4.3.1 is bundled with the all-in-one product distribution.
The major feature of this release is an e4 based version of the IDE integration code. It is an almost complete rewrite of the code to take advantage of all of the new APIs and features of the e4 platform.
The "e3" version of the IDE integration code is still in place, so it is possible to use the update site to install the Whole Language Workbench into an existing Eclipse 3.x. In fact, this release is intended to be the last one supporting Eclipse 3.x.

As usual, both binaries and source code are available:

  • SourceForge archives here.
  • GitHub Platform source here and Examples source here.

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