Thursday, August 28, 2014

Working in vacation with my new 4 wheeled portable workstation

Apple Mac Pro with Sharp 32" 4K multitouch monitor on a NSP flight case

In the past 10 years my primary computer has been a laptop coupled with a large display, whenever possible.
This summer I switched back to a compact and stylish desktop computer: the Apple Mac Pro.
My love for large screens has grown and the desire to rediscover the tactile feelings of my iPad has driven my choice to a 32" Ultra-HD multitouch monitor: the Sharp PN-K322 BH.
My need to work out of the office for extended periods of time has been reduced, but I want to work as if I were in my office otherwise the creativity is blurred by frustration. So I bought a custom NSP flight case.

After a month of work on vacation in a country house with my family, I can say to be very pleased of my new 4 wheeled portable workstation.

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